Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

Way of the Cross With Saint Teresa of Avila


With Saint Teresa as guide,
let us accompany Jesus on the Way of the Cross :
“ We should occupy ourselves in looking at Christ
who is looking at us, and we should speak,
and petition, and humble ourselves,
and delight in the Lord’s presence. ”
(L 13,22)

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Way of Light in the Holy Land


The walking cane of Saint Teresa of Jesus (of Avila)

In this year of the V centenary of the birth of St. Teresa 1515-2015, "Camino de Luz" Way of Light is the homage to the holy Carmelite contemplative and traveler on the roads of Spain because of her many foundations. It is also a tribute to the author of the 'Way of Perfection', the fundamental work to trace a route through prayer toward union with God. The walking cane of the Saint, in a beautiful and simple reliquary, is making a pilgrimage in 30 countries on five continents. This pilgrimage started from Avila October 15, 2014 and will return to Avila in March 18, 2015.

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Message of Pope Francis


 From the Vatican, 15 October 2014
To Bishop Jesús García Burillo of Ávila



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A message from Teresa


In this Holy Land where each of us together with the thousands of pilgrims we become the contemporaries of Jesus, walking in his footsteps and living in His own town, it's Teresa that encourages us to live the adventure of going to meet the Humanity of Christ.

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“Born for Thee”



 The multifaceted personality of our Mother, Saint Teresa of Jesus, allows us to approach her from various perspectives in a constant dynamism that revitalizes her person and her message across the centuries. 

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Complete works...

Centenario4We strongly encourage the reading of the works of St. Teresa. May the direct contact with the writings of the Holy Mother Teresa and their sapiential reading allow us to go deeper into the human and spiritual adventure that she herself has lived and has proposed.




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St. Teresa’s feast 2010

The soul is born for living in its centre, which is Jesus Christ. All that hinders, weakens or obscures relation with Him (which is at the same time relation with oneself) is sickness and deviation, compromising its balance and growth. When Teresa speaks of prayer, she doesn’t speak of it as a simple act or a spiritual exercise. Prayer for her is the expression of a healthy soul, of a body that breathes freely and receives energy from its source of life.

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To seek the truth

Only the truth can unite because it is neither rigid, nor equivocal, nor intolerant, nor indifferent. Without this unceasing and radically honest search for the truth we cannot be disciples of the Lord. If we do not search for the truth and receive it, we will not search for, nor accept Him because every single truth is a fragment of Him, of the Truth which took flesh, and adapts itself to every event and every life, so as to recapitolate all in unity.

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St. John of the Cross

We want to accept these gifts and the first way of doing so is to contemplate them  with love and the understanding of our faith. What is God saying to us now through our father John of the Cross and through our three brothers here? I feel that the first and fundamental message is that John’s experience is a way open to others and that the Lord is still calling others to follow in his footsteps.


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To be witnesses of the love contemplated in Christ

Listening to Christ and worshipping Him leads us to make courageous choices, to take what are sometimes heroic decisions. Jesus is demanding, because He wishes our genuine happiness. He calls some to give up everything to follow Him in the priestly or consecrated life. Those who hear this invitation must not be afraid to say "yes" and to generously set about following Him as His disciples.

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