Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

Come to see...



Here, in the Holy Land I read and I live God's Word differently. I am incapable to explain it. It is unspeakable. Why? I dare say: “come to see, come to touch and you will understand …”

“To stay in front of God for all”


“To stay in front of God for all” is my ideal of a Carmelite in Holy Land where I have lived for a long time. It is to look at the prophet Elijah and to be inspired by his jealous zeal for the Living God.


It is to praise God in silence...


To be Carmelite in the Holy Land is to live here in the roots of the Christian faith. It is to praise God in silence, in a dialogue of love and intercession for the world.



A sign of unity



To be Carmelite in the Holy Land is to be a sign of unity. It is necessary to place on witness unity with all the fibers of our being with the impartiality of feelings, emotions and judgment. I have been always very happy to live here as Christian and as Carmelite in an international community.

In the promised Land...


 For me to be a Carmelite in the Holy Land means to have been called to live my life of prayer in the promised Land, in the Land of the Revelation, in the land of Jesus. It is an appeal to be part of the people of the Covenant to share their destiny in order to welcome the full Revelation.

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