Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

Vocation: Towards Holiness - Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity


Elizabeth of the Trinity and her first days in Carmel


Elizabeth is born in Bourges, France, in 1880. Equipped with great human and artistic qualities, attracted by the Pauline message, she discovers her vocation of being “Praise of Glory” to the Holy Trinity. She enters to the Carmel of Dijon (France), at 21 years. In her brief and intense life as a Carmelite, she teaches us to live in intimacy with God in the heaven of our souls. She dies at 26 years old, exclaiming: “I go to the Light, to Love, to Life!”

He is a prisoner for me and I am a prisoner for Him

I have found my heaven on earth in my solitude in Carmel, where I live alone with God alone. I do everything for Him. That is why I do things with divine happiness. Whether I sweep, work or pray, everything seems to me charming and delicious because I discover my Master everywhere. (Lt 83)

Everything is charming in Carmel. God is found the same in the laundry as in prayer. He fills everything, he is lived. He is breathed. If you could see how happy I am… My horizons expand more and more each day. (Lt 84)

This is our life in Carmel. Although prayer is our main and even our only occupation, since the prayer of a Carmelite must never be interrupted, we also have to saw and do other external activities. I would like for you to see me in the laundry with the habit pulled together and wading in the water. You doubt my skill in this matter. You are right. But with Jesus one must be willing to do everything. Then everything seems to us beautiful and nothing is difficult or annoying.

Oh, how good one lives in Carmel! It is the best country in the world and I can say I’m happy as a fish in the water. (Lt 100)

If you saw what a charming little nest the divine Beloved has constructed for me here… If you could see how beautiful this Carmel is, to live alone with Whom we love… Yes, it is an anticipated heaven.

I have spent some wonderful carnival days, divine. We have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. I spent almost the whole day with Him. We were enveloped by darkness because the grill was opened and all the light came from Him. I like so much to contemplate this great grill that separates us… He is a prisoner for me and I am a prisoner for Him. (Lt 102)

Let us live with God as with a friend. Let us try to have living faith to communicate with Him through all things. That is how you achieve sanctity. We carry heaven within us, for he who satiates the blessed ones through the light of the beatific vision gives himself to us through faith and mystery. I have found my heaven on earth for heaven is God and God is in my soul. The day I understood this truth everything was illuminated in me. I would like to reveal this secret to all people who I love that they may unite themselves forever with God in all things. (Lt 110)

A Carmelite, my dear one, is a soul that has contemplated the divine crucified, that has seen him offer himself as a victim to his Father for souls and reflecting in the light of the charity of Christ, has understood the passion of love in her soul, and has given herself like Him. In the mount of Carmel, submerged in silence, in solitude and in uninterrupted prayer, for it is prolonged in all her actions, the Carmelite lives as if in heaven, only from God. It is the same God that one day will be her happiness and will satiate her totally in glory, is given to her now in this world. He never abandons her and dwells in her soul. Moreover, the two of them are One. That is why the Carmelite is hungry for silence to always listen and penetrate ever more in His infinite Being. She identifies with He who is her love. She finds him everywhere and discovers his divine irradiation in all things. (Lt 116)

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