August 25, 2015



On August 25, the Church will celebrate for the first time as a Saint, our sister Mariam of Jesus Crucified. Canonized on 17 May, she is now included in the calendar of the universal Church.

For each of our Carmelites communities, it is a great joy, and it is also a mission: to make known Saint Mariam so that the people of God do not hesitate to invoke and be guided by her example.

For us as Carmelites, it is also a wonderful opportunity to contemplate Mariam, a Carmelite like us in the Holy Land and a daughter of Saint Teresa. Indeed, in the Fifth Centenary of the birth of Teresa of Jesus (Avila) it is good to ask ourselves about her presence, her influence over the generations of Carmelites, nuns and friars.

Saint Mariam is a daughter of the Holy Land, she lived several years in France and therefore she perceived the close links between Europe and the Eastern Churches. She was a missionary even in India, continuing the passion of our holy Mother Teresa for the salvation of souls. Mariam shows us how the Teresian charism was "incarnated" in the existence of a humble girl from Galilee. Mariam lived with the holy founder, a beautiful intimacy, full of simplicity and fidelity. She called Mother Teresa: Rose Teresa ... And now Mother Teresa offers Mariam to us as THE gift for the Holy Land in  this V Centenary of her birth.

Saint Mariam lived what our Mother Saint Teresa lived, the intimacy with Christ, but she lived it with her particularity as woman of the Middle East, with her own sensibility and her very personal way of expressing it. She can teach us a lot about how to live the Teresian charism here in the Holy Land. With radicalism, "the soul that did not give completely, absolutely, its will to God, it has given nothing..." (Thoughts) and yet with a great humanity "superiors must correct, but not judge ..." (Thoughts) and also" If you see a sister pour out oil, think that she is lost in God, then take a cloth to clean the stain ... " (Thoughts)

She was committed to her community and prayed for its spiritual welfare and future, as Teresa had in her heart the "dovecotes of the Holy Virgin" that she had founded. And especially with one burning love for the Church that consumed mother and daughter, and that now come down to us: "I am daughter of the Holy Church: She is my Mother ... Oh I would give my blood for the Church! I offer all for her, for the unity, for the triumph of the Church ..." (Thoughts).

May Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified on her feast day, intercede for us so we may  burn with the same love that bears fruit for the salvation of all, for peace in our region where conflicts seem unwilling to cease: we know that strength of love and holiness win real victories, the only victories that last...

Dites à l’Esprit Saint que vous l’aimez, dites-lui : Esprit Saint, je t’aime !
On ne dit pas beaucoup, pas assez, à l’Esprit Saint que nous l’aimons. Nous le disons à Jésus, à la Vierge Marie …