Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

October 2015



With the feast of Saint Teresa of Jesus of Avila, the 15th of October, we will close the Fifth Centenary of her Birth. (1515-2015)
In 2009 when our Father General initiated the road of five years of preparation (reading the Works of our Saint), we thought that the future was still far off... now we are at the end.

But, is it really a goal, the arrival or a festive beginning? In fact, we have underlined the actuality of Theresa, her teaching about the life of prayer and as a result, she will continue to be more present in the life of the Carmelite communities, and in general, in the life of the Church. Here are the terms about this which the Definitory of the Carmelites have expressed in June, 2015. "We have arrived at the final phase of the fifth Centenary. We encourage all those who form the Teresian Family to continue to live, with an intense and joyful commitment, this jubilee celebration; this has placed before us the experience and teaching of Teresa of Jesus in order that her memory give an impulse to advance toward the goal with "a great and strong determination to not stop till we arrive at the goal" (Way 21, 2).

During this month of October we experience great gratitude for the blessings which we have received in these years of preparation for the Centenary. Discovering and rediscovering prayer as a relation of friendship which irrigates all existence, the very missionary dimension of a fervent Christian life...  and many more fruits which each one recognizes in the depth of her heart.

But still there is more: "it is a time to move on from the celebration and reflection, to a commitment of life", as the Definitory of the Carmelites said. In fact, the message of Theresa cannot leave us treading water: just the opposite, it puts us on the road to live this message in our actual surroundings (community and the rest) to incarnate it in our concrete existence. Is this a resolution (a strong determination) to dedicate a regular time to "cultivate friendship with Him whom we know loves us"? Is it a freedom, finally found in the affection of our heart, with great simplicity and transparence? Is it a passionate desire that all know the love with which they are loved and praise Him without end?

On the Feast of the 15th of October, All together we will ask for the grace to be capable of living intensely Teresa´s message today, right there where we find ourselves. We know that the saint, happy for all her sons and daughters who acclaim her, will help greatly with her intercession.

Yes, "My Lord, it is time to walk!"

Dites à l’Esprit Saint que vous l’aimez, dites-lui : Esprit Saint, je t’aime !
On ne dit pas beaucoup, pas assez, à l’Esprit Saint que nous l’aimons. Nous le disons à Jésus, à la Vierge Marie …

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