Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

Mysticism and prophecy



In this year of the consecrated life, there are many initiatives calling on religious men and women to intensify their lives in following Christ. The nuns of the Holy Land gathered on Mount Tabor in Galilee, November 5, 2015. What better holy place than that of the Transfiguration to live the mystery of the beauty of God?

The theme of the day was "Consecrated Life: mysticism and prophecy".  Father Marco Riva, responsible for men and women religious in the diocese, shared with us a reflection of which we propose some highlights.

Mysticism and prophecy, these two words have found their place in the theology of consecrated life, especially since the apostolic exhortation of John Paul II "Consecrated Life" (1996). In rereading it we see how essential it is to take care of our consecrated life. It is from the consecration that everything in our lives will fall into place and radiate. For example, we may find difficulties in community life, of course this may be caused by problems of relations, but often these difficulties are due to the fact that our consecration has not found it correct place. And indeed, mysticism, prophecy, fraternal life, service are all expressions of consecration.

The mystique is geared toward union with Christ, prophecy, geared more towards the fact of living the will of God, here and now, in Nazareth, Haifa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem ... But both: mysticism and prophecy, are constitutive of the consecrated life. This is not only a question of union with God, but to live according to the Will of God. Mysticism and prophecy cannot be separated, that is what will give a unified life.

The conversion begins when the mystical experience begins. In fact, the transforming action of God enables us to say and to live the will of God. Even if sometimes this action is painful. The following of Christ, the consecration becomes gradually a lifestyle that includes everything from relationships to how to eat....

But how can we "stimulate" an experience of God? by charity, and living oneself this experience. It is a question of being centered on Christ ... and that’s enough! If the consecrated life is essential for the Church, we must show to the Church and to the world what is essential.

Dites à l’Esprit Saint que vous l’aimez, dites-lui : Esprit Saint, je t’aime !
On ne dit pas beaucoup, pas assez, à l’Esprit Saint que nous l’aimons. Nous le disons à Jésus, à la Vierge Marie …

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