Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

The liturgy, center and summit of life in the Church




"Sharing in the prayer of Christ finds its highest expression in the Holy Liturgy and is sustained throughout the day in our personal prayer"


 Desiring to participate ever more genuinely in this mystery, and especially in the Holy Land, where Our Lord prayed, the Association of Carmelites in the Holy Land (and Egypt) organized a session focusing on the liturgy. From the 16th to the 22nd of October 2016, approximately thirty sisters reviewed this subject, benefitting from the assistance of Father Eric Beaumer (o.praem.) as well as that of Sr. Marie-Madeleine Wagner of the Benedictine monastery of Abu Gosh near Jerusalem, and of Giulana Mettini, vocalist and singing teacher in Jerusalem and Jaffa. Conferences, vocal and instrumental work, and an "integrated formation", consisting of a mutual preparation and celebration of the liturgy, allowed us to broaden our scope beyond the realm of theory in itself. All aspects of the session were very beneficial and much appreciated in helping us to celebrate and make perceptible the spiritual. Beauty is the splendor of truth, and it is our upmost desire in improving our liturgy, to make it an integrate part of such beauty and expression of truth, the “splendor of the Paschal Mystery in which Christ Himself attracts us and calls us to communion”, (Sacramentum Caritatis 35).




           By this, the dynamism of our liturgical endeavors will be an manifestation of Presence, for to be a chorister is a true ministry. The session enabled us   to exchange, discuss topics in our communities, consider implementation and, above all, better understand "why the Church asks and expects from each Teresian monastery to intensely live the mystery of Contemplative prayer, offering an exemplary witness to it among the people of God "(Constitutions 60).

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