Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

“Christmas in Carmel is Unique”


noel 16


In this manner, St. Elizabeth of the Trinity relates the feasts of the Nativity in a letter to her aunts.



She mentions that she spent the evening praying, "I spent my whole vigil with the Blessed Virgin awaiting the divine Little One, who this time was going to be born again no longer in the crib, but in my soul, in our souls, for He is truly Emmanuel, ‘God with us’. At Matins … and immediately after … the Midnight Mass and Thanksgiving … you were not forgotten that night, my dear little Aunts” (L 187). We too assure you, all our family and friends, that you will not be forgotten by your Carmelites on this night when the Star of Bethlehem shines again on this most holy of nights.

            Canonized the 16 of October 2016, Elisabeth was already singing "the eternal Sanctus in the City of the saints" (L 256), yet she will be very close indeed to each who invite her presence, in listening to what the small babe, God-made-flesh in the crèche, desires to speak in the silence of the soul. Even before writing her letters from Carmel to her friends and family, the Divine Enfant dwelled in her soul, and she in love and prayer, sought to bring down upon them God’s presence. In her heart she always remained lovingly attached to them (L 190).

           Christmas in Carmel brings all the sisters together around the Crèche to sing carols, each one having composed or selecting a carol, rejoicing in the coming of the Little Infant Jesus. Therefore we too, with Elizabeth, may joyfully sing:

In the cold and humble stable,

How beautiful the Child Jesus!

O grace, O Prodigy, O Miracle,

Come to me.

O Pure and gentle vision!

In my soul be

The great and sublime mystery,

A new incarnation!

I no longer live, He lives in me.

Oh! Already, face to face,

The vision does not vanish

In the shadow of my faith.


           (Poem 75)


And from the land of Our Savior, Judea and all Galilee, may we sing:


O sweet carillons of Carmel,

Rise up joyfully to Heaven

In this night mysterious,

So pure and wonderful.                

       (Poem 45)


            May all the jubilant carols of Christmas in Carmel soar to Heaven in joy and gladness, uniting us with our families and friends and with our fervent wishes that each of you may have a holy, blessed and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Peace on earth and good will to all!  

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