Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified Patroness for Worldwide and Middle East Peace


mariam reliques


                   The relics of St. Mary of Jesus Crucified toured not only through various parts of the Middle East, but also further afield, giving an impetus to prayer for Peace.


The little Arab, our holy Carmelite of Bethlehem, never ceased to radiate prayerful fervor, especially since her canonization on the 17 May 2015. The pilgrimage of her relics was an occasion embracing a message of prayer and charity, gathering so many together seeking peace in an often war torn and troubled world.  Our saint was venerated in Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour in Palestine, followed by Ibillin and other localities in Galilee, Israel and Jordan. Lebanon and Egypt also appreciated her long-awaited presence, shortly before the trip of Our Holy Father Francis last April and then finally, making the way across the Atlantic to Mexico as was planned!
Universally, Mariam continues to reiterate her message of prayer, hope, faith and charity: the necessary ingredients of Peace!

Such aspirations may be simple to translate into many languages, but putting them into practice requires a much more difficult challenge, one which can be achieved only with God’s grace.  Such a challenge nevertheless urges the faithful to pursue it, for the Church and all humankind.  
Believers far and wide gathered together and listened to the message of the one who wanted to be 'the little nothing'. The “Little Nothing” is often the name used by groups subsequently formed following the passage of our Saint’s relics, to renew and pursue a message of peace and unity, as unity is inseparable from peace. These believers are of all Christian persuasions: Catholic (Latin, Melkite, Maronite and other Eastern Catholic Rites), as well as the Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, and Coptic Orthodox  ... Muslims too are attracted by the holy Arab and trust in her intercession.
From Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and many others, there have been requests for the presence of St Mariam’s reliquary.  Unfortunately, this has not always been possible, but the Carmelite of Bethlehem have been able to send small relics to many, as a preparation for a hoped for visit ... as also in Turkey and even China. Many are asking for miracles and cures and there have indeed been some ... but the greatest miracles are those of conversions, a return to the faith, including children and whole families. Many have found the way to their vocation to the consecrated life, in a variety of religious orders. There is, therefore, a way that continues to respond to a call from Our Lord.
Many thoughts of St. Mariam have been transcribed, even though she herself could not write, into books. One of the most important to draw to attention to is, "Let's wake up the world!"
"Everyone is sleeping.  And God, so full of goodness, so great, so worthy of praise, is forgotten! ... no one thinks of him!  Come on, let's wake up the universe …" “Thoughts assembled by Father Buzy, 1922, p.52
Yes! Let us be led by the passionate St. Mariam of Jesus Crucified! Let us go forth in prayer and brotherly love, to awake the world, invite it to come to Jesus, the only source of peace and unity.


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