Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

To live the season of Avent




"Gaudete and Exultate" ("Rejoice and be glad" Mt.5,12) are the first words of the Apostolic Exhortation that Pope Francis wanted to write to Christians about holiness. To receive this invitation allows us to contemplate again and again how to live this time of Advent which is given to us.

It's a good time to awaken our hearts to what should be our ordinary attitude. But the liturgy is at the service of our normal way of being a Christian "always ready to give an account of our hope".
Each year, the liturgy allows us to contemplate what has mobilized in its time all those who longed to see their lives filled with the response to the expectation, more and more intense, that filled their hearts. And also those who heard Isaiah the prophet announcing the approach of those times when one would see the realization of the dearest desire: the return of exile, the newfound peace; harmony finally established and hope possible.

We are in a moment of history where many things gives the impression that we live in a period full of threats, violence, inability to resolve multiple tensions. Isaiah's saying "we will not do more harm" seems more than ever utopian.

Yet Advent puts us in waiting for the coming times where the Lord comes to realize all the expectations of men. Because God has made a promise to show His love to every man of desire and is thirsty, to all who leave room in their hearts for the awakening of hope of something better. But the Glory of God the Creator is the best for the creature; the Glory of God the Father is the best for all his children. And it is up to Him to realize in the midst of men the most fitting way to come and live His Presence in the midst of their expectations.

God himself prepares the heart of one of his beloved creatures to welcome into her womb the Wonderful Being, the splendor of His beauty; she will permit him to grow and be born in the humility of a Land nourished by the promises and the Alliance. John the Baptist, the precursor, receives his birth as a gift and becomes the voice which announces. Joseph troubled by the event that seems to rob him of his love bounces in confidence. And Mary sees her body and soul rejoice to discover what God expects of her.

And we, and I, what hope awakes in me to make even more room for Him who has called me to let his love inundate all my life so I may grow as a gift of thanks and to give the best fruit He expects from my heart that contemplates only his greatest glory.

Joy and sense of humor, patience and enthusiasm, daring and fervor, more acute listening to his Word will come to draw us from our addictions and put us in a position to see the New Dawn, the New World emerge from this creation that God himself renews with his presence in the little child of Bethlehem who provoke the angels to sing in full voices:

Glory to God Lord of the Universe,
Glory, honor and praises,
Life to men, inhabitants of the world,
Life, happiness, tenderness.

Jacky MOURA,scj




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