The need of God, the need of the absolute.




"As a Child, St. John of the Cross had been taken, very early, by a deep need of his whole being: to find God. It is, we might say, an innate grace, the tone that the baptismal grace takes in him: he finds in his grace a need, a thirst for God. (...) There is, as underlying in the doctrine of St. John of the Cross, this thrust, this need to go to God. This is a point that is not usually mentioned, which seems to me essential. There is a motor, it is the breath of God in the soul who wants to go to God, who wants to reach God at any cost and who will stop at nothing: movement of overtaking, movement that actually makes everything go further. (...)

We have recently recalled, with university students, that St. John of the Cross is not only the Doctor of the "nothing", the Doctor of the night; he is above all the Doctor of love. Rather, he is the Doctor of the night only because he is the Doctor of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit demands this "night".

Should we begin to read Saint John of the Cross? (...) What to start with ? Start at the end. When you receive a book, you look at the cover and immediately the table of contents. This is the good way to see a little what it contains. Begin with the Living Flame of Love in which you will find the highest descriptions of Saint John of the Cross, the most beautiful explanations of grace in your soul, of your baptismal grace; evidently you cannot say that you know all that. And at the same time you will find the most practical advices for the spiritual life, especially for the direction of your soul.

Saint John of the Cross is an author who must become familiar to us, do not abandon him, do not have a holy terror: it should be a catechism of spiritual life, in which we find the principles inserted. At the same time, it has the great advantage - a bit like the Gospel - of collecting us, and nourishing in us that thirst and hunger for God. "

Excerpts from the book "John of the Cross, presence of light"
Blessed Father Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus

Happy feast of Saint John of the Cross !!


Dites à l’Esprit Saint que vous l’aimez, dites-lui : Esprit Saint, je t’aime !
On ne dit pas beaucoup, pas assez, à l’Esprit Saint que nous l’aimons. Nous le disons à Jésus, à la Vierge Marie …