Following Mary’s example, the contemplative is a person centred in God. (VDQ 10)

Our Lord’s Presentation in Jerusalem, the Holy Land


2 fevrier



Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem and presented him to Simion and the prophetess Anne. Simion and Anne weere overwhelmed in realizing Jesus as the Messiah, the Light of all nations. Not long ago, a young volunteer in the Holy Land was set to finish her stay the 31st of January. "Oh no, that's impossible! I must stay until February 2nd! How could I possibly leave Jerusalem without celebrating the Presentation, at the very place where the History of Salvation took place! "

The liturgy challenges the city of Jerusalem: "Enlighten your bridal chamber, Zion, and receive Christ the King, welcome with love Mary who is the gateway to heaven ..." (Adorna thalamum response)
Already in the fourth century we know that the celebration of "the Presentation" held great importance:

"The fortieth day after Epiphany is celebrated with great solemnity. On this day there is a procession to the "Anastasis", everyone follows and all takes place as usual, much pomp as with Easter.   The priests as well as bishop give emphase to the passage in the Gospel of Lk 2,21-39, stating that on the fortieth day, Joseph and Mary carried Our Lord to the Temple where Simeon and the prophetess Anne contemplate him as the parents presented their offering. Subsequently, when all the ceremonies were completed as usual, the mysteries are celebrated. Following a reference is made " (The account of the pilgrimage of Etheria, around 385-387)

The oblation of Jesus as an infant, made in the temple in accordance with the law, heralds that of the cross, the ultimate expression of the complete and total obedience that Christ dedicated to his Father throughout his life. The lights of the candles announce the paschal candle of Easter night. The encounter with God who comes among us as his Son made man. It is the prolongation and fulfillment of this encounter that the risen and ascended Christ prepares for us at the end of our earthly pilgrimage, in a Passover similar to his. A woman approaches and proclaims the praises of God. The evangelist does not quote her verbatim, only her presence: she is a woman like those who will approach the empty tomb in the morning of Easter, who will receive the message of life to communicate it to the Apostles.

In the joy of offering our own life, as in the Presentation of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in the spirit and soul of the Holy Land, may this celebration shine as a brilliant light, illuminating this month of February...

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