Let us ask the Holy Spirit to pour out upon us a fervent longing to be saints for God's greater glory, and let us encourage one another in this effort. (GE 177)

Way of Light in the Holy Land

The walking cane of Saint Teresa of Jesus (of Avila) In this year of the V centenary of the birth of St. Teresa 1515-2015, “Camino de Luz” Way of Light is the homage to the holy Carmelite contemplative and traveler on the roads of Spain because of her many foundations. It is also a tribute […]

Way of the Cross With Saint Teresa of Avila

With Saint Teresa as guide,let us accompany Jesus on the Way of the Cross :“ We should occupy ourselves in looking at Christwho is looking at us, and we should speak,and petition, and humble ourselves,and delight in the Lord’s presence. ”(L 13,22)

To be transformed into the splendor of his beauty

Belonging to the Lord means to be on fire with his incandescent love, to be transformed into the splendour of his beauty: our littleness is offered to him as a sacrifice of sweet fragrance so that it becomes a witness of the greatness of his presence.

To be witnesses of the love contemplated in Christ

Listening to Christ and worshipping Him leads us to make courageous choices, to take what are sometimes heroic decisions. Jesus is demanding, because He wishes our genuine happiness. He calls some to give up everything to follow Him in the priestly or consecrated life. Those who hear this invitation must not be afraid to say […]

Your contemplative vocation is also a joyful proclamation of God’s closeness

Your cloistered communities, with their own rhythms of prayer and the practice of fraternal charity, where solitude is filled with the Lord’s sweet presence and silence prepares the soul to listen to his inner promptings, are the place where you are formed every day by this loving knowledge of the Father’s Word.

Open wide your hearts to God! Let yourselves be surprised by Christ!

Dear young people, the happiness you are seeking, the happiness you have a right to enjoy has a name and a face: it is Jesus of Nazareth, hidden in the Eucharist. Only he gives the fullness of life to humanity! With Mary, say your own “yes” to God, for he wishes to give himself to […]

To seek the truth

Only the truth can unite because it is neither rigid, nor equivocal, nor intolerant, nor indifferent. Without this unceasing and radically honest search for the truth we cannot be disciples of the Lord. If we do not search for the truth and receive it, we will not search for, nor accept Him because every single […]

St. Teresa’s feast 2010

The soul is born for living in its centre, which is Jesus Christ. All that hinders, weakens or obscures relation with Him (which is at the same time relation with oneself) is sickness and deviation, compromising its balance and growth. When Teresa speaks of prayer, she doesn’t speak of it as a simple act or […]

A message from Teresa

In this Holy Land where each of us together with the thousands of pilgrims we become the contemporaries of Jesus, walking in his footsteps and living in His own town, it’s Teresa that encourages us to live the adventure of going to meet the Humanity of Christ. Read more