Community of Haifa: Community

“All these devoted themselves with one accord to prayer, together
with some women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers.” (Acts 1:14)

For us to live as Carmelites on Mount Carmel is to place ourselves in communion with all those who throughout the centuries made this the place for their encounter with God. It is also to pray with the prophet Elijah for the triumph of the true faith and to learn to wait for the irruption of divine rain on the land of Israel. It is to live in the company of Mary and like her to open our heart to the Word.

It is to live deeply rooted in the ideal that each Carmelite in the entire world wishes to attain: “To live in obedience to Jesus Christ and to ponder the Lord’s law day and night.” That is why the text of the Rule given by Saint Albert, Patriarch of Jerusalem, is written on the walls of the cloister of our monastery.

A special prayer intention was entrusted to us by Pope Leo XIII and confirmed by Pope John Paul II: “To pray so that the churches that are still separated attain full union in Christ, that the Jewish people grow in fidelity to their vocation as a chosen people, witness to God, and for the fraternal reconciliation among all.” Since then we have kept vigil like sentinels in the night who wait for the dawn. This is the utmost significance of our presence as Discalced Carmelites on the mountain of Elijah and the Virgin Mary.