Community of Jerusalem: Community

“Our Father….hallowed be your name” (Matthew 6:9)

As Carmelites our presence is at the crossroads of two great monotheistic religions, that of the Jewish world and of the Arab world, Moslem, to which we bring the presence of Christ as witnessed by our personal and communal life.

The Mount of Olives, a place well known in the Gospels that the Church and tradition have guarded faithfully for more than 2000 years, is the indelible mark of the passage of Christ.

Thousands of pilgrims from every country and of every faith come to visit the mystical cave of the eschatological teachings of Christ to pray the Our Father in different languages engraved on the walls of the sanctuary and numbering approximately 150.

Our community has 12 sisters representing 3 different nationalities:  France, Brazil and Madagascar.

In fact we are drawn from the four corners of the earth to live the mystery of the divine filiation so that through our life of prayer, praise, fraternity, and intercession, we can attract many brothers and sisters who are seeking the face of a merciful God the Father.  By living in community the message of Pater Noster with joy and faithfulness, our experience of God’s paternity will help us live in fraternity with Christ.