Community of jerusalem : History

“Upon your walls, O Jerusalem, I have stationed watchmen; never by day or by night shall they be silent.” (Isaiah 62:6)

Our Carmel of Pater Noster was founded in 1875. It originated from a meeting between Aurelia de Bossi, Princess of la Tour d’Auvergne, and Sister Xavier of the Heart of Jesus, a professed nun from the Carmel of Lisieux who had spent 9 years at the Carmel in Saigon .

After some years of service in Saigon, Mother Xavier of the Heart of Jesus returned to France but her missionary spirit and certainly the Holy Spirit inspired her to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem . She traveled to Jerusalem where she met the Princess of la Tour d’Auvergne who had used her wealth to revitalize the cave of the Pater Noster, a chapel, and the first cloistered monastery of Pater and was looking to entrust it to a religious community .

The princess and the Carmelite nun reached an agreement very quickly. Mother Xavier visited the site that seemed to her ideal for a Carmel … “What a magnificent view! On one side the whole city of Jersusalem ; on the other side the Dead Sea , the road to Bethany and Bethphage. Close by on the right, the place of the Ascension; and on the left, the cave where Jesus taught, known as the Pater. At the foot of the mountain, the cave of the Agony, the garden of Gethsemane , the brook of Kedron, and the Siloam fountain. It would be very fortunate for us to be able to build a Carmel here .”

Mother Xavier returned to France in order to help bring together the founding sisters of the Carmel of Pater Noster. The Monastery of Carpentras provided the first group of Carmelite nuns .

The Carmel of Pater Noster was inaugurated officially in 1874.