Community of Nazareth: The community

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1, 14)

Living in the Carmel of Nazareth is a unique grace. It is the place in which Mary, who always let herself be guided by the Holy Spirit, kept all things in her heart. It is the place of the Holy Family, in which Jesus wanted to hide Himself and live the life of the family in the simplicity of everyday life. Like Mary, each of us tries to be the handmaid of the Lord through prayer, fraternal life and work.

At the center of our life is the Eucharist, which is the Incarnation continued. In Nazareth , where the Holy Family lived, we seek to live the teachings of the Holy Mother Teresa: “All must be loved, all must love each other, all must help each other”, living in an atmosphere of joy and affability.

The fact that we are now 14 sisters of 13 nationalities helps us to live in a universal dimension. In our chapel people are all rites come on Sunday to pray together, for the celebrations are in Arabic, the local language. We pray in a special way that the Lord will be with every person, every family, every community, the Church and all peoples.