Community of Nazareth: The community

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us …” (John 1, 14)

At the Carmel of the Holy Family, we feel called to relive the life of the Holy Family: a life of adoration, obedience to the Father, and love and communion in humble daily work.

The community has been an international one since its foundation. Over the years, Sisters from all continents have lived here. Today we are 14 Sisters of 11 nationalities, which fosters in us generous perspectives and appreciations of universality, and in which we learn to love each other by accepting our cultural differences and limits, as well as by sharing in our riches.
In a simple and joyful atmosphere, we work, as do all our brothers and sisters, to earn our daily bread. For example, we make rosaries, altar breads, cards with natural flowers, embroidered scapulars, and other articles of piety for pilgrims and locals.
French is the language of the community. But on Sundays and feast days, our celebrations take place in Arabic, the local language, to facilitate the participation of our neighbors and Christian friends, who belong to different rites – those of the Melkite rite being the most numerous. We view this practice as expressing an ecumenical grace for our community and as facilitating our efforts to provide a welcoming environment and prayer space for people of all ages and groups, including in
particular for young people in search of a vocation.

Our Carmel is identified with the Holy Family. In this light, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph – particularly in their unity – are at the center of our life. Accordingly, our specific and inspired mission includes intercession for the unity of families, of the Church, and of all people of good will, in a constant effort to allow ourselves to be shaped by the grace of the place – the Incarnation and the life of the Holy Family – to become a living witness to the unity Jesus desires (see John 17:21 “that they may all be one …”).