Mariam : Her message

Mariam and the Holy Spirit

Mariam opens us to this invisible world which is so near to us and which is full of mercy. She teaches us to invest all of our lives in “that which never passes”, the only thing that really matters, God.

The fight against all the powers of evil is still underway. Blessed Mariam, who is known to many as the “Patron of Peace” for the Holy Land , encourages us to let us transformed by the Lord: so we can become ourselves workers in this transfiguration of the world by the grace of God. As a witness of an already transfigured world, she reminds us of the first day of Creation when heavens and earth were not yet separated, but only the light and the dark: that day One, which reflected the divine Unity, where all things are radiant from this unity. And justly, Mariam was very much attracted by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit who was moving over the waters, at the beginning of Creation.

She leaves us this Spirit as our inheritance, because, when he comes to take the place of our selfish selves, he transfigures all things. He is “creating anew” (Is. 43).

Address yourselves to the Holy Spirit who inspires all things”.

The self loses the world. The people who have the ‘self’ bring sorrow and anger with them. We cannot have God and the world together. The people who do not have the ‘self’ have all the virtues, peace and joy.” And with the Holy Spirit, even ‘only a drop’ all things are possible. “Source of pe²ace, light, come to enlighten me; I am ignorant, come to teach me…The disciple were very ignorant. They were with Jesus and they didn’t understand Jesus… When you gave them a ray of light, the disciples disappeared, they were no longer as they were, their power was renewed…

Holy Spirit, I abandon myself to you.”

Holy Spirit, inspire me.
Love of God, consume me,
To the true path lead me.
Mary my Mother, look down upon me,
With Jesus, bless me,
From all evil, from all illusion,
From all danger, preserve me.