New novena to Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified

Discalced Carmelite of the Holy Land


Chronological data:

1846, January 5: birth in Abellin (Upper Galilee in the Holy Land)

End of 1848 – beginning of 1849: death of her parents

1858, September: martyrdom, miraculous healing (Alexandria – Egypt)

1858 – 1865: works as a domestic for several families (Middle East and France)

1865: entered the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition in Marseille (France)

1867: enters the Carmelite monastery in Pau (France)

1870: with other Carmelites, founded the first Carmelite monastery in Mangalor (India)

1875: with other Carmelites, founded the Carmelite monastery of Bethlehem


Let us begin the novena with this prayer that the Lord inspired to Saint Mariam.


Holy Spirit, inspire me;

Love of God, consume me;

Guide me in the right way;

Mary, my mother, look upon me;

With Jesus, bless me;

From every evil, from every illusion,

From all evil, from all danger, save me.


We said our daily prayers…

Then, with Saint Mariam, we entrust to the Lord the intention we have in our heart…

Holy Mary of Jesus Crucified pray for us

Ave – Our Father – Glory to God


We end by praying:

Holy Mary of Jesus Crucified, you received many extraordinary graces in your life, but the most extraordinary thing about you was the simplicity and the love of your heart through everything. That is why I come to you today with great confidence in this intention.

I know that it is with this same simplicity and love that you will present it to the Lord, to whom I surrender myself through your intercession.


Day 1 – The Mystery of the Incarnation

Holy Mary of Jesus Crucified, you are a daughter of this Holy Land where God became man to bring salvation to all humanity.

Living since the beginning near the holy places, you pointed out to us the place of the House of David where you were so happy to live, and the place of the Gospel of Emmaus.

There is a grace to be received from these Places sanctified by the Mystery of the Incarnation. Help us to receive by meditating on the Word of God and accepting, in faith, the history of salvation, so that our lives may become a holy ground, a place where salvation can flourish.

I sing of the greatness,

the power of our Creator;

come, let us worship Him.

Because we are the work of his hands,

the price of his blood; come,

let us worship Him.


2nd day – The Holy Spirit

St. Mary of Jesus Crucified, you have lived with the Holy Spirit since the dawn of your life. You even called Him “your Mother” at times. He surrounded you, guided you along the way, through situations that were sometimes impossible. You encouraged all those who approached you to entrust themselves to Him and to live by His breath. With you we want to pray: It is you who make Jesus known. The apostles stayed with him for a long time without understanding Him; but a drop of you made them understand it. You will make me understand it too. Come my consolation, come my joy, come my peace, my strength, my light


3rd day – The Virgin Mary

Always united with the Holy Spirit, Mary has guided you and helped you in the most difficult moments. She has helped you to keep your vocation to give yourself to God alone and to affirm your Christian faith at the risk of your life. She has miraculously healed you on several occasions. She gave you some essential gospel messages in the same year as she did to St. Bernadette in Lourdes: “Always trust in God, whatever happens, and always prefer your neighbor to yourselves”.

Teach us to have recourse to her at all times and in all places, like children,

so that we can sing with you: At the feet of Mary, my beloved Mother, I have found life

I dwell in my mother’s womb; there I find my Beloved.


4th day – Jesus Crucified

Faced with the suffering of Christ crucified and the false paths that lead men to their ruin, you threw yourself into the Mystery of Divine Mercy: “Give me your sufferings, and have mercy on sinners”. This union with Jesus Crucified was expressed in your very flesh by the stigmata of the Passion that you relived every week. Through your great love of God and of your brothers and sisters, teach us to live everything in union with Jesus Crucified, to receive from his Passion the blood and life that saves us. Jesus is not known; Jesus is not loved… Let us love Love, let us love Love!

From the center of this earth my heart groans, my heart sighs. Salvation, Salvation, blessed tree that gives us life


Day 5 – Spiritual warfare and humility

Throughout your life you have experienced many struggles; first to follow your vocation, then as a servant and as a religious. You even had moments of more direct combat with the devil, like Jesus in the desert. You came out victorious not by yourself, by your own strength, but by your smallness inhabited by Jesus. You called yourself “the little nothing” and so he could take all the space in you.

Teach us to fight in this way, relying on the Lord and loving him with all our heart.

I ask the Highest: “Where do you live? He answers me: “Every day I make a new home, a new birth in a cave, in a low dwelling… Do you know how I crushed the enemy? By being born so low”.


6th day – charity

One day in your childhood Jesus whispered in you: “Everything passes away, but if you want to give me your heart, I will always stay with you”. And you prayed: I would like a heart bigger than the universe to love you, my God. The Virgin Mary had told you: “Always prefer the other to yourself”. You put it into practice and you say to us: “You are thirsty and they give you water, give this glass to your thirsty brother. Yet you are thirstier than he is… But the Lord will give you a drink from his hand.”

Make, Lord, that all of my sisters’, my brothers’ hearts be yours. Charity is the cloak that covers everything… I ask you for charity, charity… O Lord, give us a little grain of charity that the earth does not spoil; a little grain of charity that the sun does not dry up. the sun does not dry up. A small seed… O magnificent tree!


7th day – forgiveness

You have travelled a lot for your time! Traveling through the Middle East, France and even India. During these journeys and in the midst of the worries of the foundations, you were sometimes mistreated by events or people, once even unjustly condemned, but you always kept a heart full of love and forgiveness. You yourself were deeply aware of your sins and felt renewed by the sacrament of

of forgiveness. One day, all your sins passed before your eyes in detail and you cried out to God:

“Lord, now it is done, what do you want me to do? You know the pain I feel in my heart… Remember the work of your hands… The multitude of your mercies will erase the multitude of my sins.”


Day 8 – The Church


You shared the joys and pains of the Church of your time, praying for the Council, offering your life and your prayer for the Holy Father. You used to say: “Oh, how the priest’s prayers give me joy! In the priest I only see God”. You have also supported people in great difficulties throughout the world with your prayer in the “communion of the saints”. Come to my rescue again today in this concern that I have and open my heart to this great communion in God. With you I want to pray for the Church, for priests.

My Mother the Church, mystical rose, I love you… When a mother suffers, all the children suffer with her. Oh, how I would like to give my blood for the Church, I offer everything for her, for the union.


  1. Heaven

 You lived “with your feet on the ground and your head in heaven”, in the heart of the Trinity, with the saints and angels who were as familiar to you as your sisters, and in the midst of your many works as a converse sister. Help us to understand how close to us Heaven is, how much He loves us and how much He wants to help us, as long as we open a little corner of our thoughts, of our faith, of our hearts to Him. Open our eyes to the greatness and beauty of our human lives in God and how important it is not to limit ourselves to ourselves, to our own views.

Oh, how sweet it is to be yours, O my Savior! Your name is great; it fills the sky. All praise Him and exult in His presence. The abyss where I was, was deep; the Lord drew me out of it. From this day on, I am in His womb for ever. Blessed is the day: never to end…

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