Teresa of Jesus : Her message

“We have a very good Friend in Christ.  We look at Him as a Man; we think of His moments of weakness and times of trial; and He becomes our Companion.”(Life 22, 10)

In this Holy Land, where each of us and thousands of pilgrims becomes contemporaries of Jesus, walking in his ways, living in hisown country and with his own people, it is Teresa who encourages us to live the adventure of going to meet the Humanity of Christ.

It is the “Good Jesus” who shows us the face of the Father, the fullness of his love and his presence. This is the fundamental experience of her life and her teaching: A continuing searching of Jesus Christ in the Gospels and in a dialogue of friendship, “face to face” with whom we know loves us.

It is through the reading of the Gospels that the humanity of Christ is enlightened gradually in Teresa. He reveals Himself in her own life as a Friend-Brother – Father and Savior. She will become truly Teresa of Jesus.

Teresa invites us to follow the footsteps of the “Master”, to revive in our life this vital relationship with the person of Jesus, constantly pondering the mysteries of his humanity, walking in his company and enjoying his presence.

“I can see clearly, and since that time have always seen, that it is God’s will, if we are to please Him and He is to grant us great favours, that this should be done through His most sacred Humanity… It is through this Lord of ours that all blessings come. He will show us the way; we must look at His life-that is our best pattern… Blessed is he who loves Him in truth and has Him always at his side.” (Life 20, 7)

From the communion of love between Jesus and His Father, was born Teresa’s prayer as a dialogue of friendship with whom we know we are loved.
Jesus Christ is the “way” the “model”, in Him is revealed the fullness of the divinity and our own humanity. Jesus, as true man, reveals to us what we are called to be, the greatness of our own vocation.

Teresa is particularly bound to modern man as a Mistress of prayer and humanity; she becomes a partner in the road of the fascinating search of the immense possibilities of man who is “capable of God.”