“I tell you, daughters of Jerusalem, do not wake up, do not keep awake love, until it pleases him” (Ct 2,7)

The fidelity of God in my life

My name is Genevieve of Jesus, I was born in Tours (France). I am 92 years old and for 60 years I have been in Carmel.

First of all I must say that, I am not the one that has chosen this vocation, it is God who has given it to me, and this gift was confirmed by the voice of the Bishop the day of the baptism of my youngest sister. I was in that time five years old. At the end of the ceremony the Bishop approaches and says: “This young girl will be a religious some day”. This experience has helped me to deepen my understanding that it is God who has chosen me. God has always been the first in my life.

I knew that in Carmel everything was lived for the Lord and this was what attracted me to become a Carmelite.

I entered the Carmel of Armentieres (France), where I had my older sister, when I was twenty years old. For this call, I abandoned everything. I have given my life to the Lord with all my heart and He has taken care to lead me day after day.

I have always loved the missionary life, but the way of St Therese, that is to say, by prayer and sacrifice. I only wished to be a missionary for God, because I feel that my life is a gift of God for Him.

When I was already professed, the Carmel of the “Pater Noster” of Jerusalem requested sisters to support to Carmel and I offered myself. I felt a great attraction to the divine relationship, to feel God as Father.

In my life I have had difficult moments, but never have I regretted to have given my life to God ; through each difficulty God has given the grace me.

For me being a Carmelite of the “Pater”, is to be the face of the Father, loving my sisters and praying for the world.

I have asked and I ask the Lord that he is always FIRST in my life, this is a gratuitous gift from God, because it is only with his grace that I have been able to say: “Lord, I am here”.

This experience to live in God, by God, has a name: FIDELITY.

Little by little this has strengthen me spiritually and humanly.

Sr Genevieve of Jesus (France)
Carmelite of Jerusalem